4. Termination of Membership

The membership terminates

4.1. due to the withdrawal of an individual member from the member society of FEPS it belongs to.

4.2. due to the dissolution of a member society.

4.3. by withdrawal. Any member society and corporate member is free to withdraw from FEPS at a meeting of the Council, provided notice of such withdrawal has been communicated to the Secretary General at least three months before that meeting.

4.4. by exclusion of the member. The Council may, with the agreement of a majority of at least two-thirds of the members of the Council, expel any member society or corporate member which has failed to fulfil its obligations. The member is to be reminded twice by letter; in the second reminder it has to be pointed out that exclusion is imminent. The excluded member has got the right to appeal to the council within one month after notification of the exclusion (undeliverable mail is effective as notified if the decision has been sent to the last known address); at the next Council meeting the final decision will be taken. Up to this decision the rights of the member remain out of force. The excluded member cannot raise any claims against the property of FEPS.