FEPS Lecturers

“The Annual FEPS Lecture is designed to showcase the best of European Physiology. The Lecturer is chosen by the Executive Committee of FEPS”

FEPS Congress 2019, Bologna, Italy

  • Jens Leipziger 

  • Aarhus University, Denmark

  • "Hormonal Regulation of Secretion in Collecting Duct Intercalated Cells"


Europhysiology 2018, London, UK

  • Maiken Nedergaard

  • University of Copenhagen, Denmark

  • "The Glymphatic System"


FEPS Congress 2017, Vienna, Austria

  • Marian Joels

  • University Medical Center Groningen, Netherlands

  • "The Stressed Brain of Rodents and Humans"

FEPS Congress 2016, Paris, France

  • Mathias Gautel

  • University College London, UK

  • "Sarcomeric signalling proteins: hubs for mechanosensation and hotspots for inherited myopathies"


FEPS Congress 2015, Kaunas, Lithuania

  • Maria Fitzgerald

  • University College London, London, UK

  • "The developing pain system: a lifelong story"


FEPS Congress 2014, Budapest, Hungary

  • Ulrich Pohl

  • Ludwig-Maximilian University, Munich, Germany

  • "Vascular Connexins: Cell Communication and Beyond"

IUPS Congress 2013, Birmingham, UK

  • Juleen Zierath

  • Karolinska Institutet, Sweden,

  • “Health-Promoting Effects of Exercise in Diabetes and Obesity”

FEPS Congress 2012, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

  • Frances Ashcroft

  • Oxford University, Oxford, UK

  • “ATP-Sensitive K Channels, from Molecule to Disease”

FEPS Congress 2011, Istanbul, Turkey

  • Antoon Moorman

  • Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • "Development of the Building Plan of the Heart"

FEPS Congress 2010, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Lydia Sorokin

  • University of Münster, Germany

  • "The Role of the Laminin Family of Basement Membrane Proteins on Microvessel Structure and Function"

FEPS Congress 2009, Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • Tullio Pozzan

  • CNR Neuroscience Institute, Padova, Italy

  • "Measuring and Manipulating Second Messenger Levels in Cellular Organelles of Living Cells"

FEPS Congress 2003, Nice, France

  • Michael J. Berridge

  • University of Cambridge, The Babraham Institute, Cambridge UK

  • "Spatial and Temporal Aspects of Calcium Signalling”